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The hypnotic state is often described as ‘very relaxed, yet fully alert’…It isn’t the same as going to sleep, so you’re aware and in control of everything you do, and the state usually feels very pleasant….in fact, it’s a very natural thing that we all do....it’s very similar to daydreaming, and statistics say that most of us do it every 90 minutes! It’s the same as when you get so engrossed in a book, or a film that you have no awareness of what’s happening around you.

ALL HYPNOSIS IS REALLY SELF HYPNOSIS!!,...., so you are guided gently by the hypnotherapists’ voice to help you find the answers to your problems ....this is an incredibly liberating experience...to be able to feel in control of your own life again, to be back in the driving seat...with YOU being the one to decide what happens next!

About the session....

The hypnotherapy session will usually last for about an hour, to an hour and a half, and will involve a good chat on your first visit. We will aim to solve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible, using a variety of techniques and tools, including NLP, TFT, analytical work, as well as hypnosis.

Afterwards, you will usually feel relaxed and refreshed, and will feel benefits from the therapy session almost immediately. You are normally given some self – hypnosis and/or NLP techniques that you can take home and use whenever you need to.
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