Thought Field Therapy


Also known as…‘The Tapping Therapy’..... This is because the taps are done on Meridians, usually on the face, which allow the person doing the Tapping to access the thought fields of their particular problem.
This seems like a very strange way to treat phobias, all manner of fears, and the elimination of deep - seated anxieties, but it is a deeply effective therapy, recognised by the NHS, and on the Directory list for Complementary Therapies, which says that ‘In excess of 75% of individuals undergoing TFT can expect to obtain the enduring results they seek’.

It really is as simple as that!!


  • Anxieties of all kinds, (past and present);

  • Phobias, (from flying and spiders, to the very unusual!);

  • Fears and panic Attacks;

  • Exams, such as driving test;

  • Old emotional trauma;

  • Addictions of all kinds (it's used alonside Hypnotherapy to help stop smoking).

    As well as helping with general confidence building... the great thing about TFT is that you can take it away with you, to use when you need it the most, as often as you need to.

    If you want to learn how to use TFT for yourself, all you will need is a half hour consultation, to show you exactly how to do it for yourself...the Tapping is usually designed just for you and your particular circumstances, and so will be tailor made for your use only.

    The first time you use it, you will be amazed at how such a simple little technique can be so effective for you, however often you use it, and the more you do, the more powerful it becomes for you! There are no side effects, contra-indications or negative outcomes to this amazing little therapy...just release from any unwanted habits, fears and phobias!